Motivation By Design develops audio tracks and programs for the journey forward in life.  We all have an inner dialogue.  Sometimes it propels us forward and sometimes it holds us back.  With MBD you can download audio programs and tracks to help your inner voice stay strong and focused.  Listen often for best results.

MBD programs and audio are developed and based on successful therapeutic conventions and practices.   All programs and audio are developed and produced by a clinical  hypnotherapist, life coach, and motivational speaker with a passion for helping people heal and move forward in a positive direction.  For more information please go to


All MBD programs and audio are designed to used a resources to assist you to make positive changes in life.  Using the tracks and programs on a regular basis will help you to increase positive focus, create goals, achieve them.  

As with any audio and empowerment program, the success of the program will depend on the dedication of the user to make change happen.  Desiring change and having a detailed plan to succeed will be essential.

MBD programs are not intended to treat, diagnose, or in any way replace the normal medical treatment of any emotional, mental and physical conditions and should, therefore, not be used as such.  The user accepts all responsibility in regards to the use and enjoyment of these products and therefore releases Motivation By Design, its owners and contributors from any and all liabilities regarding the use of said audio and programs.



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