Stop Smoking!

Are you ready to quit?  Tired of the expense and the risk to your health?  How about standing out in the cold?  Hypnotist  and health coach James (JR Matthew) Castelli can help you like he has helped 1000’s.

Here are the seminar details.

Cost is $125.00.

Book here following this description and also have access to the entire stop smoking program before the event.

Stop smoking program includes relaxation, smoking cessation, confidence building and positivity audio tracks along with program details to ensure proper use of the stop smoking program (don’t you just hate it when you start a new program and a few days later you forget how to use most of it).

During the 2 two hour seminar you will learn how to build a plan for success and apply various craving release techniques so you can stay focused and smoke free.  You will learn various tapping techniques for releasing cravings and relaxing. Also included are self hypnosis techniques for improved focus and releasing the need to smoke.  These techniques can be so effective that many will quit in the first 24 hours following the seminar.

This stop smoking program is designed  and coached by clinical hypnotherapist JR Matthew. He has been working in the field of hypnosis for almost 20 years and has been a clinical hypnotherapist since 2010.  He has training various advanced hypnotherapy techniques like Advanced Parts Therapy, Hypnotherapy For Peak Performance, NLP, and Medical And Dental Hypnotherapy .  He is also an energy worker.

JR has helped 1000’s to break free and now you can too.

For more information about this program contact james@motivationbydesign.ca or text 403-382-7644.  You can also email james@jrmatthew.com.

Break Free!  You Are Worth It!




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