Any program for healthy change starts with the desire to break free from your addiction.  From there you must have an action plan.  Listening to empowering audio tracks can help to keep a positive focus, reduce cravings, and maintain a positive focus.

This program contains tools and tips on managing cravings, and setting achievable goals.  One of the reasons many fail when quitting smoking is a lack of planning and resources.  Now you have the power to break free.

Program contains a number of files for instruction and focus:

6 phase guided mediation – listen to this track in the morning to help create your day, build a feeling of connection and gratitude

Mindfulness And Confidence – Listen and relax with your eyes closed.  Designed to help keep you centered and believing in yourself.

Relaxation With Gratitude – Relaxing with your eyes closed

Stop Smoking For Now, Be In The Moment – Great to listen to when you are planning on quitting sometime in the near future.  Maybe you are at work (that plan to quit is there but not really set in stone) and your schedule does not allow you to take regular smoke breaks.  Use this track to shift focus so you can stay in the moment and get work done.

Stop Smoking ID Parts – Listen with your eyes closed.  To help you develop the identity of a non-smoker

Stop Smoking Instructions – Detailed instructions on how to use this program.  Listen often to reinforce how to use the program.  A PDF of the techniques are also included to aid in success.

Becoming Enough – A positive track to help you to see yourself as ENOUGH,  Confident and working to achieve your infinite potential.  Listen often for best results.

As with any program for change, you must make up your mind to make positive change happen.  Once your mind is made up you must then commit to a plan of action and believe in your success.  This program, combined with passion for a healthy change will lead you to success.


Desire freedom, believe you are worth it and can do it, expect success!


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