If you or anyone you know has an addiction issue, this program combined with therapy, counselling and other appropriate forms of guidance, may be of help.

This program is designed to help build up self esteem and faith in yourself  (or the person listening in him or her self).  It is up to you to do the best work you can on yourself to make the messages contained within these audio tracks become a reality.

There are no magic bullets for treating addiction.  Please use this program and the audio tracks contained within responsibly.  Be sure to listen only when you can dedicate your time and attention to the entire length of the audio recording.  Listening to these tracks may cause drowsiness and even sleep.  Do not operate any equipment or machinery while listening to these tracks or afterwards if you feel tired or lightheaded.

Making changes in life can be challenging and very rewarding.  Know you are worth it and you can do this!



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